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Campaign Costs


Campaign fee
Activation fee to list your campaign on the app.

Influencers/Content Creators Fee

The rates influencers charge can vary greatly based on the social platform, followers size, season, content requirements, and campaign type.


On average, locally based multicultural Influencers (KOL) charge a min of $250 per post.


Gaibo Fees

Gaibo charges a commission payment calculated at 20% of the influencers fees or, in the case of offering products instead of cash, a 20% commission of the retail cost of the gift supplied.


Post your first campaign for under $1,000.


Approximate posting fees by the leading local multicultural influencers and content creators.

  • Number of followers

    per account
  • Approximate rate

    Per Post in AUD
    (Influencers may post on multiple platforms as a bonus)
1k - 10k $100 - $250
10k - 30k $250 - $400
30k - 50k $300 - $550
50k - 100k $350 - $600
100k - 250k $400 - $650
250k - 500k $450 - $700
500k - 1M+  $500 - $1200

Expose your brand to thousands of high-spending, local multicultural consumers.

Brand Campaign

Awareness is the first step. Let our content creators tell your brand’s story to their loyal followers and watch as our digital savvy consumer and creators take your product to the next level.

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Event Campaign

Let an influencer star or just be at your event. Team up with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to help generate excitement for exhibitions and product and event launches.

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Gifting Campaign

Provide your product as a gift and let your selected influencer review or simply talk about it. Choose between the star power of a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) or the mass draw of hundreds of Multicultural consumer influencers (KOC Key Opinion Consumers).

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