Identifying Influencers through real connections

There is a word in Mandarin which lies at the heart of Chinese culture: Guānxì (关系), loosely interpreted as ‘connection’ or ‘relationship’. While this word has a much broader meaning in Asian culture, it is a word we take to heart when it comes to identifying our social influencers. Technology is a good start, but human-to-human relationships is what this is all about. Our connections are real and we intend to keep it so. We manually seek out, discuss and engage with our desired influencers as AI can never imitate human intuition. We also ensure that the numbers are real, that our influencers are not being followed by swarms of fake accounts and that your spend is going toward valuable and very real social engagement.

Our growing influencer portfolio currently boasts a vibrant range of 150 to 160 creative and infectiously talented profiles, reaching far out into the millions.

For more information on how to access our influencer portfolio, please get in touch.

Influencer Discovery

We identify our hand-pick leading influencers through real human involvement and our experienced understanding of the Chinese concept of Guānxì (connection, relationship) abroad, and right here in Australia.

Targeted Campaign Reporting

Our campaign analysis tools get to the heart and feet of the matter. Understanding why users react is key to understanding how their feet will take them to market, enabling precise and insightful target marketing.

Measuring Influencer ROI

We believe transparency in delivering results on your investment is the best and only way to show you just how far our influencers positively affected your sales.

Campaign Management

After identifying the right influencer to work with you, we will manage them closely to get all the fine details checked off the list to ensure that the photography, modelling and messaging all goes to perfect plan.

Managing Relationships

Let us be the bridge between the micro-influencer and you. We will manage the tricky and intricate communication needed between you for a smooth and successful relationship.

Knowledge is Key

Our vast experience has allowed us to understand the purchasing behaviour of the Chinese market, along with the cultural quirks and subtleties which make us your most valuable partner in your search for a Chinese influencer in Australia.