Connect with Australia's
Leading Chinese Micro Influencers.

Gaibo Influencers is a boutique marketing agency leveraging our unparalleled connection within the exciting and burgeoning Chinese-Australian sector to bring you the most suitable micro-influencers for your campaigns and promotions.
Micro Influences

We connect with local Chinese Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

With our 20 years of experience within Chinese business, media and culture, we have proven and effective ways of identifying the social influencers you need who can shine a light on your campaigns, no matter the space. Our strategic team will source the most potent social influencers, set the stage and make sure it all goes live without a hitch. With our advanced analytics and detailed reporting we will show you exactly where our stars shined and where they might be able to shine more for you in future, data-researched campaigns.

real connections

Identifying Influencers through real connections

There is a word in Mandarin which lies at the heart of Chinese culture: Guānxì (关系), loosely interpreted as ‘connection’ or ‘relationship’. While this word has a much broader meaning in Asian culture, it is a word we take to heart when it comes to identifying our social influencers.


Campaign Management: keeping it on-brand

The influencer might be the star but your brand is the backdrop. We begin our adventure first by understanding your brand thoroughly, getting to know your vision, your clients and your core marketing objectives.

Measurements, Reporting and Action!

The big question, of course, is: what does all this mean for your brand in the long run? Sure, everything looked great, the campaign went smoothly, but without measurable stats and data then we will not have learnt a thing.


Our KOL Talent Pool

We cast and manage our KOL talent pool across Australia to help brands share their message across a number of social media platforms such as Wechat, Weibo, Little Redbook (Xiaohongshu) Douyin, Meipai, QQ Zone, Youku and Instagram.

Live Events

Over 1.3 Million Followers reached at our first event at the NGV!!

Furthermore, we have hit the ground running! Our launch at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) in August 2018 saw no less than thirty-five Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) attend, lighting up social media flashlights more than 1.3 million times since the time of writing (13 September 2018). A reach of more than a million combined views in less than a month is a sure sign for brighter things in the future.

Watch this space!

Get in touch now to discuss how our portfolio of influential talent can help you truly connect within Australia’s large and bright Chinese community.

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